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Announcing 90 Percent Developer Revenue Split on VIVEPORT for PCVR and VIVE XR Elite Titles

We’re making VIVEPORT the best place to publish and purchase VR and MR titles with a huge revenue boost to our developer revenue split.


90% Developer Revenue Split VIVEPORT


As of 1st April 2024, developers will get 90% of revenue earned from new games and apps sold on our PCVR and VIVE XR Elite VIVEPORT stores until the end of the year. To put a cherry on top, existing titles will retroactively benefit from these changes from 1st March 2024!

This new developer revenue split means when you buy a game on VIVEPORT, the developer benefits more than they would anywhere else.


What Does This Mean For VIVEPORT Users?

Our ambition is to make VIVEPORT the best destination for both developers and gamers. With our curation-first approach and increase in developer benefits, VIVEPORT is taking XR gaming to the next level.


Does This Apply To VIVEPORT Infinity?

Our Infinity subscription service works on a different business model, so it doesn’t apply to VIVEPORT Infinity.

However, we are committed to keep bringing new VR experiences to the platform.


How Do I Publish My Game On VIVEPORT?

Developers can read more on how to publish to VIVEPORT, and what the difference is between our PCVR, Infinity, and VIVE XR Elite stores here:


Stay tuned for more news on upcoming titles on VIVEPORT.



Play hundreds of awesome XR games for under $10/month* with VIVEPORT Infinity, the only PC VR subscription

You can save thousands and have unlimited access to some of the best PCVR titles under one subscription - VIVEPORT Infinity.

From PC must-plays like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and SUPERHOT to the latest indie gems like Sushi Ben and Tea For God, VIVEPORT Infinity gives you the best reason to keep returning to your headset time and time again.

Oh, and it's compatible with all major PC VR headsets, including Meta Quest 2/3 via Link and VIVE XR Elite via VIVE Streaming.

*£/$8.99 a month for Infinity Monthly, or £/$12.99 a month for Infinity Annual over a 12-month subscription period.


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