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Shapelab Arrives on VIVEPORT PCVR Store Next Week

3D sculpting app, Shapelab, is coming to VIVEPORT PCVR Store next Thursday.

Leopoly's flagship VR design app, Shapelab, brings powerful industry-standard sculpting tools to both aspiring creatives and experienced 3D artists on VIVEPORT.

What sets Shapelab aside from other 3D sculpting apps in VR is its use of polygons instead of voxels. The use of polygons lets you sculpt detailed and realistic 3D assets and import and edit complex 3D scans.

Shapelab itself has been perfectly sculpted for VR use, letting you grab and interact with your 3D works of art as if they were truly there. From conception and visualisation to exporting high-quality assets, Shapelab can aid you at any part of your creation process.

Shapelab will be coming to VIVEPORT PCVR Store on May 9th, 2024.


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