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Top 6 PCVR Stealth Games on VIVEPORT

Strike silently from the shadows. Here are our top six stealth PCVR games available on VIVEPORT.

top 6 pcvr stealth games viveport

Take it slow and don't get caught with these stealth PCVR games, available across the VIVEPORT PCVR Store and the VIVEPORT Infinity subscription.


You are an employee at the mega conglomerate TransCorp, and it's your job to stamp papers and file files! Unfortunately for you, TransCorp is an expert in the business of manufacturing cost-cutting robots, and now you are about to be fired. Set in a dystopian office-scape with tons of evil robots and even more knives (for throwing and stabbing them with!), you'll use your TransLocator gun to teleport through the many departments of TransCorp. Sneak around corners, hide behind air vents, or go nuts with lots of robot-killing action!

VIVEPORT PCVR Store + VIVEPORT Infinity Annual

Face all the horrors that the living and the dead can offer in this new VR adventure in The Walking Dead universe. Travel through the ruins of walker infested New Orleans as you fight, sneak, scavenge, and survive each day unraveling a city wide mystery within the iconic quarters.

Encounter desperate factions and lone survivors who could be friend or foe. Whether you help others or take what you want by force, every choice you make has consequences.


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a real thief? Now you can see for yourself in Thief Simulator VR! Steal in free-roam sandbox neighbourhoods. Observe your target and gather information that will help you with the burglary. Take the challenge and rob the best-secured houses. Buy some hi-tech burglar equipment and learn new thief tricks. Sell stolen goods to the passers. Do anything that a real thief does. And… don’t get caught!


Stealth and crime go hand in hand, with yet another burglary simulator making the list. But in this one, you can even steal the people. If you can get it into your van, you can sell it for a profit. And you can use the money you make to purchase new thief equipment, to help you take on riskier heists.


Players are sent stalking through the surreal post-apocalyptic Pechorsk Radius Zone where physics-based interaction, realistic weapon handling, and moody atmosphere will get your adrenaline pumping as you struggle to survive in an unforgiving dystopian environment.


With Blade and Sorcery's sandbox-like combat, there are endless ways to play it. So, why not take it the stealth route? Throw objects to distract enemies, scale buildings to get the high ground, and get your kills in quickly and decisively.

Which titles will you be tip-toeing around? Let us know below in the comments.


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