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Start Your Quest With VIVEPORT Infnity Annual, Keep Wanderer When You Subscribe

Embark on a new quest with VIVEPORT Infinity Annual. New subscribers will keep Wanderer forever and save hundreds on VR games for the next 12 months.

viveport infinity start your quest keep wanderer when you subscribe to viveport infinity annual

Step 1

Sign up or log into your VIVEPORT account and purchase the Infinity Annual plan.

Current Infinity Monthly subscribers can participate with an Infinity Standard Annual plan purchase.

Step 2

Once you have subscribed to Infinity Annual, you will receive a gift code for Wanderer within a few minutes of your purchase on your Redeem page.

Step 3

Enter your gift code on the Redeem page and press submit. Now Wanderer will stay in your library forever!


Change the Course of History in Time-Travelling Adventure Wanderer

Wanderer has a unique blend of escape room-style puzzles, tactile hands-on interactions and action arcade sequences to bring you the ultimate time travel adventure.

Are you ready to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before you?

Wanderer takes you back through the ages to reshape humanity’s fortune. Experiment alongside frenzied inventors, play to an endless crowd of hippies, defend ancient civilizations from invasion, decode covert messages in the midst of war and uncover the secrets of the space race.


Plug Into VIVEPORT Infinity With Your Meta Quest 2/3 Via Link

VIVEPORT Infinity supports all major PCVR headsets, including Meta Quest 2/3 via Link. Unlock a whole new library of visually breathtaking games like Kayak VR: Mirage and Tin Hearts VR when you connect your headset to a VR-ready PC.

Not sure how to set up your Meta Quest with Link? We've got a couple of how-tos for you:

How to Set Up Your Quest with Link

How to Set Up Your Quest with Air Link


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