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5 Mixed Reality Highlights on VIVE XR Elite

Updated: May 17, 2023

With its advanced passthrough Mixed Reality (MR) support, the VIVE XR Elite unleashes a whole new wave of ground-breaking experiences. Here are just a few of the titles showcasing this amazing new feature.

vive xr elite highlights mixed reality

When in passthrough mode, the XR Elite uses its full-colour RGB camera with outstanding dynamic range, to show the real world inside your headset. You can then project virtual images into your own space for an entirely new type of immersion. Imagine watching videos without the need for a television, playing your favourite games in the middle of your living room, or sketching the real world out on a virtual canvas.

We're only just beginning to explore what's possible with this incredible new feature, and these five apps are already making a great case for the future of MR.

VR veterans will be familiar with the wide range of excellent painting apps out there today. But Gesture VR is something just a little different. With its focus on virtual sculptures and mixed reality, you can set up your own art studio practically anywhere you go. Take pen to hand and sketch out on a digital canvas, or even get creative and draw a real picture as you look at your digital inspiration. With multiplayer support included, this is a versatile MR must-have.

Figmin is a powerful showcase of MR's wide-reaching potential. Discover a range of 3D models and images to bring into your environment and utilize GIFs and videos on YouTube to create a personalized passthrough space. You can even implement physics to start making your own MR games and head online to find even more user-generated content. With plenty more features expected on the roadmap, Figmin is set to wave the flag for MR for years to come.

Rezzil Player

Fitness and training apps are a promising section of the VR industry, but mixed reality support allows you to work out with much more confidence in your surroundings. Rezzil Player is the perfect example of this, letting you tackle a wide range of minigames and training exercises with a full view of your surroundings – no more worries about bumping into the wall, a sofa, or your pet. More than a simple fitness app, Rezzil is like brain training for your body, with modes that aim to push reactions and accuracy as much as they do your heart rate.

This isometric town builder is the perfect example of how you can take an existing VR game and make a perfect MR experience. Spacefolk is a cutesy game with both instant appeal and the depth needed for you to spend hours perfecting your miniature miracles. With passthrough support, you can bring your towns into your living room for a one-of-a-kind experience. It's like opening up the toybox, only with none of the cleanup after playtime.

Patchworld (Coming Soon)

Patchworld is a music app that goes beyond the physical limitations of the medium. Rather than strumming guitars and mastering the piano, you'll be interacting with unique instruments to create entirely new soundscapes. MR opens up new avenues for collaboration, working with friends in the real world to combine sounds or opening up portals to merge realities. With online support also included, Patchworld makes for a truly groundbreaking music studio you can take anywhere.


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