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  • Sevag Chamelian

Roundup of VIVEPORT at GDC 2024

This year at GDC 2024, VIVEPORT not only showcased the cutting-edge advancements in spatial computing but also took a giant leap in supporting our developers like never before.

Unveiling the 90% Revenue Split

We are thrilled to announce an industry-leading change that sets a new standard for developer support. Effective as of April 1st, 2024, VIVEPORT will offer a staggering 90% revenue split to developers for new games and apps sold on our PCVR and VIVE XR Elite stores. This game-changing initiative is not just for future titles; existing games will also retroactively benefit from this new revenue split starting from March 1st, 2024.

This decision underscores our unwavering commitment to making VIVEPORT the premier platform for both publishing and purchasing VR and MR titles. When you buy a game on VIVEPORT, you are directly contributing to a more substantial benefit for the developers, more than on any other platform.

What This Means for VIVEPORT Users

Our aim is clear: to cement VIVEPORT as the ultimate destination for XR gaming. Through our curation-first approach and by significantly increasing developer benefits, we are setting the stage for an unparalleled VR gaming experience. This is about building an ecosystem where everyone wins – developers get the support and recognition they deserve, and gamers have access to the best VR content out there.

Note on VIVEPORT Infinity

While this new revenue split does not apply to our Infinity subscription service, we remain dedicated to enriching the platform with new and immersive VR experiences. The Infinity service continues to offer great value for users wanting unlimited access to a vast library of VR content.

Showcasing Innovations at GDC

At GDC 2024, our team was excited to present the latest developments from the VIVERSE team, including:

  • VIVERSE Avatars with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker, enabling full-body tracking.

  • AI Body Tracking technology using a single tracker for realistic skeletal animation.

  • Polygon Streaming, allowing creators to seamlessly integrate high poly assets onto any device.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate the success of GDC 2024 and look towards the future, we welcomed over 300 developers to Sandbox VR. This event showcased our VIVERSE demos that utilised the Focus 3 and XR Elite.

To the developers looking to bring their creations to VIVEPORT, we encourage you to learn more about publishing on our platform by visiting

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming titles on VIVEPORT. - The VIVEPORT team


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