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Shapelab Now Available on VIVEPORT PCVR Store

Sculpt brilliant 3D works of art right before your eyes in Shapelab, now available on VIVEPORT PCVR Store.

If you were looking for an intuitive creative tool with all the bells and whistles that an industry-standard program would use, then look no further. Shapelab gives you the full scope of design capabilities, from simple prototypes to detailed, ready-to-use assets that you can drop into your projects.

Don't believe us? Watch a user sculpt dinosaurs and render them in Blender below.

But it's not all about what you can do - it's how you do it. When sculpting in VR, you remove the fiddly barriers of using a mouse, keyboard or tablet, and physically interact with objects in your hands. You can count on a more efficient and faster workflow with far greater precision than you could traditionally achieve.

Shapelab's core features include 12 sculpting tools, painting in 4 different properties including roughness and emission, optional topology sculpting for real-time localised mesh tessellation, texture export, global mesh manipulations and transforms, multi-object handling, environments and materials, and import/export of FBX, OBJ, STL and GLB files.


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