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5 Hand Tracking Highlights For VIVE XR Elite

Updated: May 17, 2023

The VIVE XR Elite's fast, accurate hand-tracking allows for all-new experiences unlike anything you've tried before. Here are just a few of the titles that best showcase what the tech can do.

vive xr elite highlights

Hand-tracking allows users to put down their controllers and start interacting with games and apps in a much more accessible and intuitive way. For the first time, you can truly reach out and touch the virtual world around you. We're just starting to explore what's possible with this technology, but VIVE XR Elite is already home to some incredible apps and games that showcase its potential.

So prepare your digits to shred up and down a fretboard, conduct an orchestra, and shoot down rivals from the Old West with these five titles that put hand-tracking front and centre. Look out for these titles as they roll out across the launch window.

Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged takes the air guitar experience to an all-new level. Making the most out of VIVE XR Elite's hand-tracking, you'll shred along to huge hits, matching chords with one hand and strumming to the beat with the other. As you play you'll unlock new tunes and, for those that want it, there's a chance to switch to the new controller mode too. Featuring music from Tenacious D, The Clash, Weezer, and more, this is the perfect destination to rock out with your VIVE XR Elite.

Set the guitar to one side and get ready for an entirely new kind of rhythm game. Maestro has you conducting an entire orchestra to classical music using VIVE XR Elite's hand-tracking capabilities. With a controller in one hand and hand-tracking in the other, this is a great example of XR Elite's versatile tracking capabilities. For the full VR experience, The Masterclass is the place to go, but the separate Maestro: The Métavers app introduces a unique MR feature to the experience for the first time.

Magic Keys (Coming Soon)

magic keys

There are few better examples of how mixed reality and hand tracking can combine to help you learn new skills than this piano learning app. Set a virtual keyboard in your environment and play along to a range of classic tracks using just your hands. If you have a piano at home, you can overlay virtual keys with the real ones, allowing you to play actual songs in seconds. Expect more tracks and features to arrive in the future.

Get ready to become the fastest guns (or hands) in the West with this innovative new shooter. Finger Gun is a fantastic action experience in which your hands transform into powerful firearms for gunning down waves of drones. Just point your fingers and push down your thumb to unleash a barrage of bullets. Unlock new powerups on each run to push your firepower forwards, and be on the lookout for more features as the game continues to evolve over time.

Richie's Plank Experience (Coming Soon)

richie's plank experience

The classic VR experience comes to XR Elite, and support for hand-tracking makes it more accessible and immersive than ever before. Take the elevator up to the top of a skyscraper and summon the courage to step out onto the city skyline. And with plenty of new modes to try out, there's never been a better time to jump into (or onto) Richie's Plank. Just try not to look down... much.


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