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What's New on VIVEPORT Feb 2024: Sushi Ben, Flock of the Low God & More

Updated: May 28

From saving your struggling sushi business to mowing down a deranged cult, we've got some hot titles for you this month. Here's what's new on VIVEPORT Feb 2024.


Viveport Infinity

Before we get into what's new, make sure you're not missing out on the biggest deal for PC VR gamers. You can save thousands and have unlimited access to some of the best titles with one subscription - VIVEPORT Infinity.

From PC must-plays like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and SUPERHOT to the latest indie gems like Sushi Ben and Tea For God, VIVEPORT Infinity gives you the best reason to keep returning to your headset time and time again.

Oh, and it's compatible with all major PC VR headsets, including Meta Quest 2/3 via Link and VIVE XR Elite via VIVE Streaming.

*£/$8.99 a month for Infinity Monthly, or £/$12.99 a month for Infinity Annual over a 12-month subscription period.


Now Available on VIVEPORT Infinity, PC VR Store & VIVE XR Elite

Sushi Ben screenshot

Sushi Ben, written by the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend, is a narrative trip teeming with personality and fun. Delve into 3D manga panels and meet the eclectic cast as you try to save your struggling sushi business from greedy land sharks.

Not only is there a vibrant and fully voice-acted story, but you'll have plenty to do around the town of Kotobuki when you're not battling to keep the shop open. There's fishing, catching bugs, ghost hunting, table tennis and plenty more waiting for you.

Now Available on VIVEPORT Infinity & PC VR Store

Flock of the Low God

Flock of the Low God has you patrolling the halls of Lanford Police Station while a dangerous cult is on the loose. There's plenty of lore to get your teeth into, and it's no surprise - Flock of the Low God is based on the feature film MALUM.

Flock of the Low God gameplay GIF

You'll uncover evidence, piece together the unexplained history behind your father's death, and mow down deranged cult members hell-bent on overrunning the station.

Now Available on VIVEPORT Infinity & PC VR Store

The Events at Unity Farm enemy

This is the chance to get in early on a promising PC VR title. The Events at Unity Farm has already created a buzz during the Steam Next Fest, and we're particularly impressed by the fantastic voiceovers already implemented.

There's more than meets the eye to this early access gem. You'll be physically delving into the past of Ruth Bowie, travelling through time and holding off a Multipocalypse. Weild magical tools and cast devastating spells to take down the dark creatures threatening your very existence.

Available on VIVE XR Elite

zombieland headshot fever screenshot

This award-winning addictive arcade shooter finally makes its way onto VIVE XR Elite! Whether or not you like the Zombieland series, we think you'll find heaps of fun racking up the headshots in this made-for-VR hit.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever is already available on VIVEPORT Infinity and the PC VR store.

Coming Soon to VIVEPORT

We have more than just what's new on VIVEPORT Feb 2024 - here's what you can expect soon.


Coming to VIVE XR Elite


Coming to VIVE XR Elite

Flock of the Low God

Coming to VIVE XR Elite


Which titles will you be playing? Let us know below and stay tuned for the latest on VIVEPORT.

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NinjaGuy X
NinjaGuy X
Feb 01

Sushi Ben is an excellent title 😎I'm super happy that you guys were able to get that one on the service!

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