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Hubris Lands on VIVEPORT For VIVE XR Elite

Critically acclaimed sci-fi action-adventure Hubris finally lands on VIVE XR Elite today.

Play as a recruit of the Order of Objectivity, or OOO, sent to a twin-planet system in search of a mysterious agent. You’ll be jumping, swimming and shooting through an inhospitable alien environment while defending against enemies of the OOO.

You’ll be crafting weapons and controlling vehicles when you’re not diving into the waters of foreign planets and defending against strange wildlife. Hubris is as robust in its gameplay as it is remarkable in its scope.

hubris screenshot

What sets Hubris apart from other action-adventures like it is its impressive visuals, which should be no surprise when you know that Cyborn was first an animation studio before delving into VR development. You can read more on the making of Hubris from Cyborn itself right here on the VIVEPORT blog.

Play Hubris today on VIVEPORT for VIVE XR Elite and PCVR.


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