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Shapelab Joins VIVEPORT Infinity Next Month

Premium 3D sculpting software, Shapelab, will be joining VIVEPORT Infinity in June.

Shapelab comes to VIVEPORT Infinity next month

Subscribers will have access to one of the top creative tools in VR as Shapelab joins VIVEPORT Infinity from June 3rd.

Shapelab launched on VIVEPORT in May bringing industry-standard 3D sculpting to PCVR. We were particularly taken by user-made projects, including this chameleon created by Peter Gregor.

Join VIVEPORT Infinity For Endless PCVR Gaming

Shapelab joins a huge lineup of top PCVR titles already available on VIVEPORT Infinity. From latest hits like Sushi Ben and Tin Hearts VR to solid fan favourites like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Until You Fall, VIVEPORT Infinity is your one and only PCVR ticket to endless gaming. You can get all this from just $8.99/month, saving you hundreds on individual title purchases.


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