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Review 5 Gifted VIVE XR Elite Apps For Chance to Win $50 Credit

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

We're excited to share that all five of the bundled launch apps for VIVE XR Elite users are now live and available to play. To celebrate the release of all five titles, we are giving away $50 VIVEPORT Wallet Credit to four VIVE XR Elite users who leave reviews for them in the next couple weeks.

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Review & Win

Want to know how to get in with the chance to win $50 VIVEPORT Wallet credit? Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Play Games

Play the five gifted games on your VIVE XR Elite

Step 2: Submit Your Reviews

Share your honest reviews* for Green Hell VR, LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT, Unplugged - Air Guitar, Figmin XR, and Glimpse from 6:00 am PDT August 18th to 11:59 pm PDT August 27, 2023

Step 3: 1 Review = 1 Entry

Each review you leave as a verified player** counts as a single entry. The more you review, the higher your chance of winning VIVEPORT Wallet credit!

Step 4: Four Winners Selected

Four participants will be randomly selected using a name picker 10 days after the event ends

Step 5: Receive VIVEPORT Wallet Credit

The lucky winners will receive $50 VIVEPORT Wallet credit. The credit will be added to your VIVEPORT account 10 days after the event ends

*The content of your review will not affect your qualification, so please review honestly **To be recognized as a verified player, you must have downloaded and played the titles on the VIVEPORT account you are reviewing from


In-Depth: Five Gifted Apps

We hand-picked these five titles to show off the headset's full capabilities, including hand tracking, colour passthrough and powerful performance within VIVE XR Elite's versatile light form factor. There's still a chance to get in on the offer - anyone that buys a VIVE XR Elite and registers their headset by September 30th, 2023 will also be given access.

Let's get into each of the titles and what you'll get out of them on the VIVE XR Elite.

Got your hunting bow at the ready? Green Hell VR is one of the biggest and best titles to hit VR in recent years, mixing deep survival gameplay with unparalleled immersion. You'll find yourself at the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, fighting against the elements while managing your health, hunger and sanity.

With lush vegetation and sprawling wildlife, Green Hell VR truly showcases the power of the VIVE XR Elite.

One of the biggest fitness brands in the world has landed on the VIVE XR Elite. Les Mills mission is simple: create a healthier, happier planet. VR fitness reaches new highs with a mix of punching, squats, knee strikes, amazing music, and breathtaking environments.

Unplugged: Air Guitar gets you shredding in thin air like never before. Make the most of VIVE XR Elite's precision hand tracking as you strum along to some of your favorite rock songs, matching chords with your fingers. With songs from Tenacious D, Weezer and more, there's plenty of opportunities to unleash your inner rock god. Hand tracking not your thing? Never fear; the game recently added controller support, too.

It'd be easier to say what Figmin XR couldn't do rather than everything it could! From decorating your room and creating physics-based games to sketching in 3D and browsing Reddit - Figmin offers a versatile platform to experiment with AR. VIVE XR Elite's colour passthrough feature provides an entirely new way of seeing the world.

Settle down for a beautiful story of love and loss in Glimpse, a 25-minute animation that takes full advantage of VR storytelling. Featuring powerful performances and immersive narrative techniques, this is an eye-opening glimpse (get it?) into the future of entertainment.


BONUS TITLE: Open Brush (not included in review event)

Yes, Open Brush is already free, but it will come already available in your library when you launch your VIVE XR Elite for the first time! We love this app as a flexible showcase of the headset's advanced tracking.

When you draw spirals around yourself, the lines you create normally give away where your headset loses tracking of your controllers, and this is known as occlusion. With the headset's strategic placement of cameras, it can understand your movements better and create smoother movement even when you move your hands behind your head.


You can still get each of these titles for free when you purchase the VIVE XR Elite either from or through one of our partners, and register the headset before 30th September 2023.


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