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What's New on VIVEPORT - Summer 2023

Updated: Jan 23

We've been busy this year bringing you even more variety to your VIVEPORT Infinity subscription, from the dreamy world of Glimpse to the prehistoric dangers in store for you in Primal Hunt.

What's New on VIVEPORT

Let's not forget the entire launch lineup for our latest standalone headset, the VIVE XR Elite. Featuring XR titles like Maestro: The Masterclass and Unplugged: Air Guitar and VR games like Green Hell VR and

Here's what's new on VIVEPORT for Infinity and VIVE XR Elite, and a look at what's to come for both platforms.


New on VIVEPORT Infinity

New On VIVEPORT Infinity - Primal Hunt

We're always adding more to VIVEPORT Infinity, your #1 PC VR subscription platform. In case you've missed some of our latest releases, here's what's new on Infinity so far in 2023.

Marco & Polo (available in limited regions)


New on VIVE XR Elite

New on VIVE XR Elite - Green Hell VR

With the launch of the VIVE XR Elite came a whole new storefront on VIVEPORT, and there are some real hard-hitting VR and XR titles already available for owners of the new headset.

Here's just a highlighted list of what has come to the VIVE XR Elite so far, but you can check out the full list here.

LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT - Free Until September 30th 2023*

Unplugged: Air Guitar - Free Until September 30th 2023*

Green Hell VR - Free Until September 30th 2023*

Glimpse - Free Until September 30th 2023*

Figmin XR - Free Until September 30th 2023*

*Free until 30th September if bought via or other verified distributors. Check out the bottom of XR Elite's product page for full conditions.


Coming Soon: Summer/Autumn

Coming Soon to VIVEPORT - Yupitergrad 2

We've got a fantastic lineup for Infinity and VIVE XR Elite for the rest of this Summer leading into Autumn. More titles will be revealed in the coming months, so check back for more title reveals.

Exorcist Legion, VIVE XR Elite

Yupitergrad 2, VIVE XR Elite

Green Hell VR, Infinity

Liminal Phase, VIVE XR Elite

CineVR, VIVE XR Elite.

Tower Tag, VIVE XR Elite

Zombieland: Headshot Fever, VIVE XR Elite

Tea For God Free Demo & Full Release, Infinity & VIVE XR Elite


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