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Best Games to Play with VIVE Ultimate Tracker on PC VR & VIVE XR Elite

The newly announced VIVE Ultimate Tracker brings high-precision, full-body tracking for more immersive gaming. But, what can you play from day one? Read on for the best games to play with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker on VIVEPORT.

Top games compatible with vive ultimate tracker

Whether you're a PC VR gamer or you have just invested in HTC's latest standalone headset, the VIVE XR Elite, there's a bespoke experience for you to try out the first self-tracking full-body tracker from HTC.


Take your soccer skills to the next level with REZZIL SKILLSHOT, the brand-new REZZIL installation created exclusively for the VIVE Ultimate Tracker.

Fully track every pass and shot and engage in the same drills the pros do. This is an absolute must-try for those either wanting to hone their skills or just seeing if they've got what it takes.

VRChat, PC VR & VIVE XR Elite

VRChat users are no strangers to full body tracking, but never to this level of precision from one tracker - the clue's in the name. With full VIVE Ultimate Tracker support integration on PC VR, you can interact and move in even more seamless ways.

Great news for VIVE XR Elite users - VRChat has just launched natively with full-body tracking using the VIVE Ultimate Tracker.

Dance Dash, PC VR & VIVE XR Elite

Predictive leg movements just don't cut it when you're throwing some serious shapes. Now in Dance Dash on PC VR and VIVE XR Elite, you can finally stomp to the beat and let loose on the ultimate VR dancefloor. Strap in and get moving to one of the best VIVE Ultimate Tracker games!

There are more titles yet to be announced for the VIVE Ultimate Trackers, but until then make sure to check back for the latest VR gaming on VIVEPORT.


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