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5 Amazing VIVE XR Elite Games Every Player Needs

Updated: May 17, 2023

It's playtime on the VIVE XR Elite, and we've got plenty of great games ready for you to dive into.

vive xr elite highlights games

With its ultra-light design, powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform and hot-swappable battery, the VIVE XR Elite is a great headset for VR gamers both old and new. At launch, you'll find a mix of enduring hits, blockbuster IP, indie gems and all-new titles, with plenty more to come throughout the year.

Need help getting started? Grab your controllers and get ready to face down mighty foes, team up with friends and overcome the odds with these five great gaming experiences rolling out over the launch window. We've got challenging dungeon crawling, thrilling flight missions, classic genres reinvented and, oh yes, a trip to the heart of the Amazonian jungle.

Best pack that emergency survival kit. Each of these titles will be rolling out across the XR Elite's launch window, with much more to come later in the year.

Don't let Ancient Dungeon's charming art style fool you - beneath the blocky exterior lies a fiendishly challenging VR dungeon crawler. Featuring roguelite action, physics-based melee combat and power-ups galore, this is a great choice for the brave adventurer in all of us. And with multiplayer modes planned for the near future, now's a great time to get some practice in.

Swordsman VR (Coming Soon)


En garde! Swordsman VR lets you live out your swashbuckling, sword-slinging fantasies with none of the lethal threat to the people or environments surrounding you. Do battle with historic enemies and master a wide range of weapon types in arena-based environments. Developer Sinn Studio has worked tirelessly for years to turn Swordsman into an evolving platform for physics-driven blade combat and it has plenty more in store for the future.

The ultimate flight simulation experience is nearly ready to take off on XR Elite. Ultrawings 2 features precision controls with a virtual flight stick setup. Five unique aircraft present new challenges across an exhaustive number of missions in a huge overworld. New to the series are combat missions for both aerial dog fights and ground excursions, but classic objectives like time trials and balloon fights also return.

Green Hell VR (Coming in May)

green hell vr

Incuvo's essential adaption of Creepy Jar's excellent survival game is one of the best flat-to-VR ports you can find today. Green Hell VR offers a gory good time as you fight through a challenging campaign, hunting for food, fending off threats and building camps. The gruesome health system certainly isn't for the faint of heart, but if you have the stomach you'll be treated to some of the most immersive gameplay in VR today.

Ruinsmagus (Coming in May)


Featuring a fresh new take on the Japanese games that have captured the hearts and minds of millions, Ruinsmagus is one of XR Elite's best-looking and playing titles. Travel to an idyllic town and explore its ancient ruins, unearthing long lost secrets as you face off with an army of deadly foes. With a thoughtful control scheme, plenty of missions and an expansive cast, Ruinsmagus is a fitting love letter to a cornerstone of the wider gaming industry.


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