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Keep Horror Games with VIVEPORT Scare Fest, LIMINAL PHASE Releases & VIVERSE Scavenger Hunts

Scarily great offers await new and current subscribers with the chance to keep three huge horror VR games this Halloween with VIVEPORT Scare Fest.


When you join or extend your Monthly Infinity subscription before 31 Oct, 23:59 PT, you get to keep Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever. Annual Infinity subscribers also get Phasmophobia and After The Fall.

Not only that, but we have VIVEPORT Scare Fest playlists, a brand new horror action title on VIVEPORT Infinity and XR Elite, and a spooky VIVERSE scavenger hunt.

VIVEPORT Scare Fest Keepers

After The Fall

Squad up and take on post-apocalyptic LA in After The Fall, from the makers of Arizona Sunshine. In this 4-player coop shooter, you'll be clearing levels and going up against formidable foes to leave the city a better place.


A firm favourite of VIVEPORT Infinity subscribers, Phasmophobia has you teaming up to investigate and record evidence of ghosts. But don't scream too loudly, the ghosts are listening via your microphone...

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever

This award-winning arcade shooter brings the wacky and hilarious characters of hit movie Zombieland to VR. Score combos and race against the clock, but don't get too carried away and forget about skill and accuracy!

New Action Horror on VIVEPORT Infinity & VIVE XR Elite This Halloween

Liminal Phase

It's a great time to join VIVEPORT Infinity with new titles like Liminal Phase, a creepy and nostalgic action horror, now available to PC subscribers and VIVE XR Elite players.

In a parallel 90s world, you'll fight malevolent monsters, solve peculiar puzzles, and explore the dark corners of a fractured mind consumed by video games.

VIVEPORT Scare Fest Playlists

Just joined and need a kick-start to your spooky season VR binge? We've got three playlists perfect for your Halloween needs!

Wander halls and avoid what creeps through the shadows with the Ghosts & Ghouls Collection, take matters into your own hands this Halloween with the Thrills & Kills Collection, and the Braaains Collection brings undead friends and foes to your headset.


We've got more screams over on VIVERSE for particularly sadistic VR gamers with our VIVEPORT Haunted World.

Dress up, dare to wander the halls, and unlock a surprise treat this Halloween, including a VIVEPORT Infinity subscription or a code for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners!


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