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Tin Hearts VR Arrives on VIVEPORT Infinity Next Month

Behind every brilliant invention, there hides a brilliant mind. And behind VIVEPORT Infinity hides your new favourite VR narrative adventure: Tin Hearts VR.

Tin Hearts VR Key Art

Next month on VIVEPORT Infinity, subscribers can dive into a fantastically whimsical world filled with tiny toy soldiers and vivid memories. With 50+ puzzles set throughout a beautiful Victorian home, it should come as no surprise that you’ll be lost for hours in Tin Hearts VR. 

Players manipulate the course of the toy soldiers where they’ll bounce, glide, and soar to their goal, all while the story of inventor Albert J. Butterworth unravels before you. You’ll delve into his tragic story through visual snippets or excerpts from letters as you tweak block placements and wish for the safe arrival of your toy soldiers. 

Tin Hearts VR Screenshot

This is a rebuild from the ground up of the critically acclaimed Tin Hearts, with immersive moments and purpose-made controls that you can only truly experience within your PCVR headset.

Tin Hearts VR will join VIVEPORT Infinity from April 1st, 2024, and will also be available to purchase for PCVR on the same day.


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Oh, and it's compatible with all major PC VR headsets, including Meta Quest 2/3 via Link and VIVE XR Elite via VIVE Streaming. 

*£/$8.99 a month for Infinity Monthly, or £/$12.99 a month for Infinity Annual over a 12-month subscription period. 


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