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What's New on VIVEPORT: Winter 2023

Updated: Jan 9

It's nearly the end of 2023, so let's wrap up the latest VIVEPORT additions here in What's New on VIVEPORT: Winter 2023.

From monkey mayhem to impossible spaces, VIVEPORT has welcomed some of the best VR gaming gems to its PC VR subscription and VIVE XR Elite libraries.



Here are the latest PC VR titles available to buy on VIVEPORT.

New on VIVEPORT Infinity

These are the latest PC VR titles to join the VIVEPORT Infinity subscription service.

New on VIVE XR Elite

Latest titles and major updates to hit the VIVE XR Elite.

Kartoffl (MR update)

2024 has much more in store for PC VR and standalone VIVEPORT players, so keep up with the latest right here.


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