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New on VIVEPORT Infinity This Month: July 2024

Three new titles are coming to the VIVEPORT Infinity subscription in July 2024.

viveport infinity titles coming in July 2024

VIVEPORT Infinity subscribers are in for a treat this month with the daring Venture's Gauntlet VR, anime-themed The Tale of Onogoro, and culinary adventure Astro Chef, all joining our huge lineup. Read on to find out more about what's coming to VIVEPORT Infinity in July 2024.


Play 100s of awesome VR games for under $10/month* with VIVEPORT Infinity, the only PC VR subscription

viveport infinity

You can save thousands and have unlimited access to some of the best titles with one subscription - VIVEPORT Infinity.

From PC must-plays like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and SUPERHOT to the latest indie gems like Sushi Ben and Tea For God, VIVEPORT Infinity gives you the best reason to keep returning to your headset time and time again.

Oh, and it's compatible with all major PC VR headsets, including Meta Quest 2/3 via Link and VIVE XR Elite via VIVE Streaming.

*£/$8.99 a month for Infinity Monthly, or £/$12.99 a month for Infinity Annual over a 12-month subscription period.


Venture's Gauntlet VR

This is the ultimate adrenaline pumper. Obsessed with his family's legacy, ageing billionaire Adam Venture is looking for a capable heir to the Venture name and fortune. His only requirement? The skill and tenacity to overcome a series of deadly obstacle courses known as Venture’s Gauntlet

Run, climb, swing and zipline your way through the gauntlet in comfort and style with TrueMotionVR arm swing controls. It's not all fun and games though - killer-drones, deadly lasers, fatal drops and more all stand along the path to glory.

The Tale of Onogoro

You are summoned by Haru to Onogoro, a floating island in a parallel world. Together, you'll solve sprawling puzzles and defeat giant beasts that stand in your way. Solve puzzles, engage in intense combat, and save the world!

Astro Chef

Serve diverse dishes to alien patrons with unique preferences while navigating intergalactic kitchen challenges. Unleash creativity with alien ingredients and unique kitchen tools.

You can become the galaxy's top chef either alone or team up in co-op. When playing in co-op, one player uses the VR headset while the other handles the Kitchen Manual. Remember - teamwork and communication are key!

Which titles will you be playing this month? Let us know below!


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